Believe CD Review

I came across a nice review of the Believe CD that my poem Daffodils was the opening track for.

I’ve never seen an actual review of my work in the public domain before, so this is pretty exciting.

The review was by PDX Reviews, who did a track by track listing and review for the Believe CD. Within each track review, they included additional information about each contributing artist including url’s to our sites.

Following the track listing they included a final rating for the CD, and, further info on how you can obtain your copy of the Believe CD.

The following comment was noted about my poem:

The Pacific Northwest Poet creates a canvas of imagery that takes the listener on a journey outside of themselves. Respectfully acknowledging that we are only here for a short time, and, also reminding us that we do share a connection with the world around us, Kelly Braden provides a strong and fitting introduction to this CD.

Now that is what I call a rock’n endorsement for my writing. Thanks!

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