After Allen Ginsberg

America I've given you nothing, and will give you nothing.
America you will not get my respect.
I can't stand the rape of Mother Nature.
Go fuck yourself with your white picket fence.
I am angry with you.
I am broken that zombies idol you.
America when will you stop smiling.
Why are you hell? the distance from god? the garbage of history?
When will you admit Capitalism does not give everybody the American dream?
When will you stop voting for savage strict fathers who lie in bed with the evil 
     they campaign to defeat.
America why allow terrorists in White House mirrors. 
America when will you fix broken congressional teeth. 
I'm sick of my wrists bleeding.
America drug dealers rule Wall Street and make fiends of us all.
Your silence turns Fox News into fact.
You made me allergic to politics.
There must be some way to educate sheeple.
This war on education keeps a large working class working too hard.
Are you happy that I can't sleep at night?
I'm trying to be more than my flesh.
I refuse to be simply flesh.
America quit buying useless shit.  
America give excessively to the poor.
Stop the revisionist agenda to paint our Founding Fathers as Christian and not Deist.
America Hitler knew how to concentrate too.
America your babies hate you, and hate themselves.
I crawl into lost corners and ejaculate to electronic music.   
I drown in my bed for days on end unable to swim from paranoia.
When I go downtown I feel everybody, everything.
My ration chokes my emotions silent.
You should have seen me reading Ginsberg.
Ginsberg thinks I should keep writing.
I won't pray for you.
I feel sorry for you, stuck in your dead-end life.
America I am second generation American shadowed by your weak example 
     of what is the good life.

I'm talking to you.
Get over here and feed your babies.
I'm worried about your babies.
I see them everywhere.
Babies drowned in alcohol and drugs, hopped on mood altering medication 
     while under huge hormone changes.
I cry that babies kill babies.
It's dysfunctional television bombs suffering babies to act out the violence 
     of movies and video games.  Violence is serious.  There is no need  
     to suffer violence.
Free the Emo babies from their cages.
I am talking to you.

Commercials want me.
I don't want whiter teeth.
I better hide my wallet.
Media perpetuates a massive mind melt, an ugly intrusion into the truth spinning 
     a victor's version of history with blood for words and deceit for binding.   
I make sluts of bored housewives, wipe excess jism on Pony League soccer jerseys.
I say nothing to baby boomers swooning around mall parking lots looking for god.
My instinct is god is not there.
America do you feel the mass destruction of fist to face to face fascism?
I'm on your rooftop masturbating my lips to Whitman, to Williams, to Ginsberg, 
     to Bukowski blooming massive ideas like lupine from concrete dunes.
America I know there is more to life than eating a Big Mac.
America silence that red white and blue meritocracy.
America learn the real etymology of liberal, welfare, and communism.
America you profit making people sick, profit making people cured.
America I will not love you.
America when I was seven routinely I walked to Safeway with Ronnie Reagan's gift 
     of food stamps to buy groceries for brothers and a mother self shackled  
     to illusions of happiness on the couch.  Strangers stared deep into me, 
     stared like they feel sorry, stared like I should be ashamed, stared 
     like I wanted to be poor and carry thirty pounds home with scrawny arms.
America you don't see anyone but yourself.
America its them damn poor people.
Them damn poor Blacks and them Mexicans, and them Vietnamese.
Them Mexicans pile over the border.  Them Mexican’s want to take our jobs, 
     steal our benefits.  
There's a reason great American cities have non-white names. 
     Los Angeles.  San Diego.  Seattle.  They were here first.
It's a shame to hate someone because we fear ourselves.  We're all of the same flesh.
America understand space time place.
America hear the earth weeping under the layers of infrastructure.
America roots should strengthen not strangle.
I want to walk with the cult of me.
It's true I don’t want to be just another car crucified across the freeway, 
     a crown of gridlock, king of the commuters in terror, the concrete sky 
     of America endlessly going.
America only in dreams are we free.